Low white blood cells count on Betaferon

so, I’ve been on Betaferon since March and two days ago I had a blood test after first 3 months of the treatment. It turned out that my white blood cells count decreased to 2.3, so my neuro told my to stop giving myself injections for two weeks. Then I’ll have another test and “we’ll see”.

have any of you experienced anything like this (on any DMDs)? If so, what happened next? Did you switch to another DMD?

any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Alex xx

I’m in the same boat but mine have dropped to 0.8!! I am seeing MS nurse on Monday but neuro consultant told my GP to carry on with injections and monitor with monthly blood tests. My GP warned me if I catch an infection I won’t be able to fight it without help. I work in a school so am being super careful!! I started in November and have only just started to recover from side effects so don’t want to change unless there is no choice. Would be interested to hear if anyone else had this too!! C x