Low bloods taking fingolimod

Hello all , had appointment with my Neuro today I have been on fingolimod for just over I year , my white blood cells were 0.2 and there meant to be 5 , I have now been told to stop taking fingolimod straight away . I have not been feeling well for a while now . I also started Ldn just over 3 weeks now , I’m not taking any pain killers . I am being put on Tecfidera once I get fingolimod out my system in about 6 weeks time . Anybody taking Tecfidera and what your experiences on this and how you are feeling . Thx Fiona x

i was sorry to read that your drug of choice has been detrimental to your health. that must be so disheartening.

however, tecfidera is something i have been using myself for over a month now and i have found it easily tolerable. a few occasions of mild side effects have been quickly dealt with by every day pills such as paracetamol and anti-histamines.

the pills are taken on a full stomach to avoid gastro-problems and aspirin prevents ‘flushing’. everything else in life continues as per normal.

i am confident that you will find this change of DMD to be entirely positive.