Low blood sugars


I would like to know if anyone suffers from low blood sugars and low blood pressure with poms.

thank you in advance


Sometimes if I need food I go shaky which I assume is low blood sugars I stuff my face with chocolate and biccies and feel better. As for blood pressure I assume I have blood pressure I once stabbed my wrist ( I was a butcher ) and blood sprayed all up the wall if I had no preside it wouldn’t have been ANYWHERE as dramatic.

The shaky feeling doesn’t happen very often but to keep it away I eat copious amounts of biscuits and chocolate.


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hello dee 1972

I have problems with a low blood pressure. My mum was the same and my daughter too.

My daughter has been admitted to hospital once due to low blood pressure. She was out with her then husband, when she had what is called a vasovagal attack ( sudden drop in blood pressure) she was sat down at the time. He called an ambulance. To onlookers it can look like the person is having a cardiac arrest. The sufferer does actually feel quite ill.

Many people besides diabetics can have a problem with low blood sugar when their carbohydrate levels drop. It seems to be a problem for some women around the time of their period.

Take care

Noreen xx

PS; you naughty man Don

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Hi, Like Don I get really shaky and weak if I don’t eat regularly. And if my fatigue is very bad (basically every day) I find food does help… in fact I crave carbs and sugar. I think it must be my body thinking that they will give me energy. Fat chance.

I was once admitted to hospital after passing out and they said it was low blood pressure… but years before MS symptoms.

But wouldn’t surprise me if MS can cause problems with blood sugar and blood pressure… it seems to affect so much!

Pat xx

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Hi All thanks for the reply. I am suffering for low blood sugar and now low blood pressure and I met one dr and he said that I was luck that I have not high bllod sugars and high blood pressure. I am slowly getting worse and my skin is going red too. I was in hospital for 3 weeks and i had some sort of a seizure , however I remember everything. I don’t know what this ms is doing to me and I am afraid. Thanks DX

Dee you saying that reminded me it happened to me once in hospital and they did the full crash team plus called my wife to hurry to be with me. Scary stuff. This MS REALLY messes with mind and body. Keep smiling because it makes it better and really confuses people.


Hello Dee

Sorry to hear you are feeling frightened.

I personally don’t think it’s helpful that the doctor told you how lucky you are, not to have high blood pressure and high blood sugars. I’m sure it hasn’t helped you feel any better.

Low blood pressure in its self is not a problem. Many people who are fit, have low blood pressure. It can of course become a problem when the person is unwell.

Have the docs give a reason for the low blood sugar? it could be down to several things. Being unwell, diet, stress.

I hope things improve for you soon. I also hope you have some support at home.

Take care xx

Sorry Don, don’t know what I did there. Must be time for my bed