lovely new neuro

Morning all

Yesterday I saw a new neuro and she was so attentive, interested and caring.

We discussed my hand and arm problems. I have chronic tightness and pain in my upper left arm. I had botox put in 2 weeks ago…I need more…hopefully that will happen soon.

Spasticity is causing both issues. So I’m going to have botox in my wrist. I’m also getting a splint to stop my fingers curling inwards when I am resting.

I am also starting on tizanidine tabs for muscle relaxing.

So yeh, my PPMS has progressed.

Lost use of me legs some years ago…frightening to think my hands could be next…

Take care all.

Really sorry to hear that your MS has progressed some more Bouds. I hope the botox and muscle relaxants will help.

So nice to hear of a positive report on a Neurologist. A specialist who’s attentive, interested and caring - wow, don’t often find those 3 words in the same sentence as doctor!

Sending hugs and hoping you aren’t feeling too down.
Willowtree x

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Glad to hear that your new neurologist is listening and supporting you at what must be a very difficult time for you. I hope that between you things can be managed as well as possible. I recognise how worrying and scary any changes can be and really wish you all the best.

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So nice to hear about your new neurologist I have SPMS (was diagnosed with MS 40 years ago) and was told by the hospital there’s no point seeing me any more as there is nothing they can do for me!!