Lovely letter to come back to

Hi all

I hope you are all well as can be.

I came back from the honeymoon to a letter from Stoke hospital with an appointment to sort my dmds. My nurse referred me back in Jan/Feb so it was a nice letter to return home to. Now the tough part is choosing medication but i shall see what they advise.

Sam x

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Congratulations on your marriage, hope you will be very happy together.

They will go through all your options and both decide what will suit you the best.



Thank you Janet.

Im hoping I can have tablets rather than injections as im a bit of a wimp when it comes to needles x


hope you had lovely honeymoon; this may help


Thanks G. Il have a look at that x

Bear in mind that it is pretty out of date now:

Please note that MS Decisions has not been updated since 2011 and does not include the latest automatic injecting devices or recently approved drugs.

Hi Sam and new hubby, congrats on the wedding.

When is your appointment for? Hope it is soon so you can get sorted out, with your meds.

luv Pollx

Thanks for the update Tinga.

My appointment is on 13 October so not too long. Only problem I have now is we have to have a good talk about having babies and when we want them because of coming off DMDs 3/6 months before conception. My nurse did mention that one if the tablets can be stopped immediately when we want a baby by taking a tablet to remove it from your system but Im on pregabalin too and would need to stop that too xx