Lots of neurological symptoms

Hello, im new here. Ive had a dr mention MS but i wasnt concerned so never followed up. Years later and now i have a ron of neurological symptoms, though i know there can be other causes. I am talking to my dr on Tuesday about it all and kind of worried how to being up so so many symptoms.

Heres my list that experience on a very regular basis:
Nerve pain
Muscle pain and weakness
Sensory issues worse
Incontinence and frequency
Amplified pain
Seeing movements
Clicking in throat
Acid reflux
Balance problems
Jaw pain
Heat intolerance
Cold sensitivity
Painful spasms
Sexual dysfunction
Blurry vision

Thinking back it started when i turned 18ish and now im 29. Im currently diagnosed as schizoaffective bipolar type and autism and ibs.
No questions just sharing. Maybe if anyone has any advice on how to being up 20 symptoms at once to your new dr.

H, yes, you do have a lot going on, but for a neuro to reach a diagnosis, he/she will need to know everything.

Write it all down and give it to them.