Lost your way, not serious stuff.. but come on back

I didn’t use to visit this site very often because it made me sad, I’m trying to do my bit with waffle/rambling AND never being too serious. What do you think? I’m going with emotional support, MS sucks on so many levels but we are here and as hellms/M I know the hell that MS makes me go through BUT to hell with it!!

Take care, have good week, M

Dear Sarah

That’s what I like a ‘good’ waffle and of course a ramble on and ooooooooooooon, not that you were but I do tend to! This life does suck but it’s the only one we have so we are suck with it. To hell and damn it BUT here we are for each other.

Take care, M

Hi Sarah

Ditto, ditto, ditto. I’m not boasting but I am dressed ONLY because there’s a painter in repairing damage that happened in August. If I’d had the energy I’d have done it myself - that would have been in another life! I feel a waffle coming on… most assuredly a 3 I’ll try to do better

Take care, M

Hi Ashley and Sarah

I’d had a ‘to hell with everything MS’, but I realise I need this forum!

Sparks, slightly worrying I now have the tune in my head - no bad thing in my mind!!! I can’t think about MS all the time, of course ‘it’ then goes and bites my bum (should I say rearend or what?). I’m aware of ramling and waffling AGAIN.

On a scale of 1 - 10 i’ve been 2/3 BUT today I’m going for a 4/5 come with me

We are here together, take care, M

Hello Ladies I hope you dont mind the intrution into the “Waffeling zone” but I found myself being taken with it and had a laugh because you sounded just as i do…happy waffel. good to see you all xx Maria.

…shouldn’t ‘happy waffel’ be 'happy waffle’? By the way, did you know that ‘wafel’ in Dutch means… what’s the english word for it again…? Oh my God, I am waffling ain’t I??

What a relief to find people as ‘daft’ as myself, determined not to say as mental there maybe sane people reading this! Thoughts on 'waffle/waffel my rambling was ramling?

It’s no intrution Marie WELCOME! I finished yesterday on a 4 BUT nearly a 5 Eye still bothering me so

Take care, I be thinking of you, M