Lost my original post, *not MS*

Hi everyone! Hope we are all ok (as can be expected) today. I am on a real high, my open university course begins on the first of november and to my delight, after reading the openings manual I finally realised (took a while for the penny to drop!!) in 2003 i began a psychology course and had to leave, its pretty much the same content on the open university, apart from the fact one module is about zidanes outburst, where he headbutted an oppositon player in the chest. In 03 we did about David beckham! Its all about sports psychology. I was quite worried I would be out of my depth, and the first module I think I may do well at, its about the brain! The finish date is the 22nd of march, so it is quite a short course.

I just wanted to share my new found optimism and sense of confidence, thank~you to everyone who replied to my lost post, I really appreciate the support you gave me.




Clare xxx


Good luck, Clare. Sounds really interesting.

luv Pollx

Good luck. Hope it goes well, it sounds interesting.




Thanks poll and cheryl, I have found I added 30 friends on facebook today! (all the other people on the course) So as we're all in the same boat we can help each other out! And I realised last night in bed, after i finish this I might start on the counselling one next because I have quite a lot of useful knowledge I can pass on to others (mostly about beating self harming addictions, its hard and it stays with you for life as an emotional crutch if you dont learn how to stop, Ive been 2+ plus without doing it!)

And I need to ask my neuro where exactly the ataxia is located in my brain! 


(it does seem i'll be helping ppl out a lot as I have already covered most of the course, Ive already rooted out info off the OU for the others to look at.)


I'd say, we are all going to pass!!


Thanks for giving me the confidence to go on, I had been thinking/feeling  that I'd be rubbish and considered quitting before the course had even started!




xxx love you all, take care  xxx