How do you lose weight? I’m desperate to lose weight and tone up, I am a full time wheelchair user and can’t self propel. I’m not overweight so the NHS won’t help at all. I’ve never been a big eater, so portion sizes won’t make a difference. Please help!

Hi Emerald,

im wheelchair bound with limited use of arms and hands so exercise is totally out of the question. What I do is to eat 800 calories a day. I have breakfast, small lunch with fruit and that’s it for the day. I have a treat once a fortnight. Doing this keeps my weight stable.

It works for me. All the best Jane x

Wow that’s amazing! Do you not have a meal in the evening? I know we don’t need as many calories as an able bodied person, but it’s hard to know how many x

Hi Emerald

no I don’t eat after lunch. Fortunately I never get hungry. I drink plenty of water though

Jane X

I might try reducing my calorie intake, thanks Jane x

I use a wheelchair and go swimming - well not IN it, obviously!!

Also Slimming World, I cannot reccomend it highly enough. It does work and you can eat a great deal. There is no need to calorie count or cut meals out. No offence Jane10, but most people will still want to eat regular meals.

Plus if you have got family/partner you can easily cook Slimming world meals and they won’t even notice the difference.

There will be a group near you - just try the website. Its also a great social boost to meet others.