losing the ability not to say what I really think...

I like to believe that at one time I was naturally diplomatic…lately I am finding it increasingly difficult to filter\monitor what I say…is this a ms thing or am I just turning into my mum?!

I’m turning into my mum and I don’t have MS as an excuse!

The phycologist told my husband that if your lesions are hitting your frontal lobe (to do with reasoning and diplomatic behaviour), then it can affect you this way. To be fair though, my husband was (on many occasions) a lot more acidic than just being un-diplomatic! Maybe it’s just an age thing - I remember my nan doing exactly the same, and she lived to a ripe old age, with no neurological issues!

im the same, but mine is down to having enough of rubbish over the years hahaha i seem to get more sarcastic and straight talking as i get older, a bit of my personality aswell, so i have no idea about if its ms that effects you or not, im still learning about ms and the different things that go with it, i think ill be learning for many years to come, i hope others can help you better than the drivvle ive just come out with (plz forgive me, im on tramadol) i tend to talk rubbish n go batty chatty wen it kicks in

I agree with the other posters; it may be an age thing

you [ well me really] decide you have had enough and you’re going to tell it as it is

A bit of diplomacy thrown in always helps

But sometimes I find that diplomacy has deserted me and it all comes out in one large rant.

Thing is; I don’t really care anymore,

I believe that we all turn into our Mums to some degree, for better or worse

I miss my Mum, I remember mainly her good bits… unike Caesar

It’s waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay past my bedtime


Rose, if you have an opinion, Say it!!! Love my Mum, but I really hope I NEVER turn into her!!! Shes done a degree in sarcasm, tongue could cut a tree down!!! Anyway, theres no harm in saying what you think Tracey xx

I’m not sure I was every any good at diplomacy but since the MS what little I had has definitely gone!! Especially in the early days when I was reeling from the shock of diagnosis. I was Mrs Angry for a while and certainly didn’t suffer fools gladly. In fact at work (where I received very little in the way of understanding from certain quarters) they labelled me ‘the snappy one’ - I was quite proud of that . Now I’ve toned it down a bit but I still don’t have much of a filter between brain and mouth and sometimes it is unintentional and I have to backtrack a bit (it depends on whether I like the person or not!). At least people know where I stand …


I suppose we could always blame Tourettes!

Apologies to anyone who genuinely sufferes from it.

luv Pollx

I think it may be an ms thing or that sometimes we act stoic yet forget we need to spell out our symptoms sometimes.

I recently hurt my wrist but lived with the pain, then had to ask for help as it became more and more sore. However when physio asks if Im ok I either forget some symptoms, or say ‘Im fine thank you’ then come home and kick myself for not telling the truth.

Think we brits are so used to saying Im fine to all and sundry we forget we have to be more forthright and truthful because if not we are going to have a very hard struggle later on with disability benefits etc.

Another instance is where Ive asked for podietry because I can no longer reach my toenails. Instead of saying I suffer numb hands and therefore cannot hold scissors or nail cutters and legs stiff so cannot bend as I could in the past, I just said: due to ms have got stiff!!! Not enough is it, and only half the truth.

Perhaps we would all like to think we are better than we thought? Maybe its a biological thing we all posess?

You are not alone,



Nah!!! Life in perspective me thinks!!! As it is, why should we be diplomatic!!! Obnoxious I know, sorry!!! Tracey xx