loosing the desire to go out !!!!

I am getting really fed up of nasty people ,i dont know why but when i go out, i seem to attract the attention of weirdos who seem to go out of there way to be nasty … i was going to see the ms nurse today for my yearly visit and my gorgeous little grandaughter was running along side my scooter,and this big nasty looking lad,started mocking her,as she was babbling away… then stared right at me as he was passing me and said really loudly 'didnt know i was in the spazzy ward ’

i was and still am really upset,i just ignord him,best way too as by the look of him i think if i had said something back he would have attacked me, i think i am even more upset,that i just let it go,but seen as i cant defend myself from nasty people like him,i have no choice,

since i got home its been preying on my mind and i really feel like not going out again,only if i really need to… fed up of idiots like him.

J x

Hi mrs J, just remember idiots like that should be pited! They see anything sweet like your little granddaughter running alongside you obviously very happy they can’t bear nice things, probably never been cared for. Don’t let sad people like him stop you enjoying being out or the streets would be full of the likes of him,and our children & grandchildren will be affected, most importantly don’t take it personally, people like him love nothing more than their bitterness affecting nice people. 'if they can’t have it they can’t bear anyone else having it" if you know what I mean.

pauline xx hugs.


Hi mrs j, I totally agree with Pauline. Do not give that ignorant pig any headspace( I know easier said than done). Some people just thrive on being nasty. Your grandchild and the relationship you have with her is what makes life worth living. He was obviously dragged up and knows no better.

ann x

Hi Mrs J, I had a very similar experience, my husband had went on ahead into the loos in the shopping centre and I was in mobility scooter as opposed to my manual wheelchair. I got a mouth full from some ignoramus, what he didn’t expect was me to turn round and laugh and say, “wow is that the best you could come up with, because trust me if it’s a battle of brain power I will win”

He was left with a face that looked like it had been slapped with a wet fish!

These people are not worth worrying about sweetie, let them pass and please don’t worry.

Polly xxx


Oh Mrs J that is just terrible!

You mustn’t let him put you off going out though. Would it help if you reported it to the police? It is actually a hate crime that he committed and although the police probably can’t do anything it might make you feel better to report it. Chances are the police know him from previous incidents.

Do you go to an MS group or know anyone else who uses a scooter? Might feel better if you could go out with someone else both on scooters for a few times.

Don’t let this dick-head destroy your confidence!

Thinking of you,

Pat xx

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Hi Mrs J

Oh no, do not let those despicable ignorant morons win by you not going out and having pleasure with your grandchild, rise above it and take no notice, which I know is easier said than done.

How would they feel if someone said that to their Mother or Grandmother? My message to people like that is, be very careful, cos what goes around, comes around.

You carry on doing what your doing, and don’t give them another thought.

Pam x


thanks for your lovely replies,i feel better about it today, i dont normally let people like that upset me,and have always been able to retaliate,and i can usually let them have it back,i just let it get to me yesterday.

if and when it happens again i will be ready…and say something like you did Polly…me and my up-yer-kilt sticker that i have on the back of my scooter lol

J x


Good, I’m glad he’s not preying on your mind anymore. He’s forgettable trash.

If there is a next time, you might ask the person to repeat what he just said loudly in front of everyone else around. The large percentage of the public are good, sympathetic and helpful.

Kev x


J: just tell em to F**K off! Simple, and quite banal, but always works.


Loving Polly’s line

But Clucker’s is easier to remember (keeping it simple seems to often be the best option with MS)

Take care and keep your chin up

Sonia x


Clucker, best answer of the thread you made me laugh out loud.

ann x


Yes I agree I just like laughing at inanely stupid people lol


Polly xxx