Looking for opinions on symptoms

Hi all, new to this site but was wondering if anyone can chip in with opinions based on my symptoms. I am female, 31 years old, have suffered with chronic pain issues for about 12 years, It’s generally a daily occurence, noteably with morning aches & stiffness, takes a while to get going. Admittedly I do work a physically demanding job, shopfloor work,pushing/ pulling cages, working stock, pulling off deliveries from lorries etc. I suffer with pain all over, from neck to shoulders to legs, feet etc, joints tend to hurt aswell, I seem to get odd flareups affecting different body parts at any given time, however I seem to suffer really badly with my legs, tightness, aching, pain, pins & needles type feeling, spasming etc, more recently a burning feeling through to my feet, after a couple trips to GP surgery seeing 2 different doctors about the chronic pain and fatigue issues, I was diagnosed with restless leg syndrome, however I dont get the need to move my legs about at night, when im asleep seems to be the only time i get relief from pain, so I’m not entirely convinced its RLS. Although I am fit and not overweight (size 8) I find my muscles seem to tire easily and ache, repetative motions of putting stock on shelves at the supermarket where I work, I am strong but I seem to react strongly to over-exertion at times, extreme aching & uncomfortableness. Pain flareups can happen at anytime and I usually wake up feeling like iv been beaten all over with a baseball bat. Aside from generally being all over, my leg issues seem to be the worst, a weird kind of numb/burning feeling through my legs and soles of my feet, I also get feet & leg shaking when I am sat on the loo, as I am short 5ft1, i end up on tiptoes when I sit down, so when on the balls of my feet my legs bounce up and down quite fast, right leg seems worse, this is happening when I am driving aswell due to foot angles on pedals so its a bit of an annoyance. Occassionly get pins & needles or fuzzy feeling in arms and hands, maybe once or twice a month i get an intense sharp burning pain in back of shoulder righthand side that shoots burning fire all the way into my head and brain. Just all seems a bit odd yet cant seem to get any further answers from my doctor, other than trying to tell me I am stressed/depressed causing body issues, this doesnt wash with me, I am literally constantly in pain but try to think positively, very tired all the time, had a MOT of bloods done last year but apparently came back fine. Any thoughts? Kind regards- Gem

Hello Gem

The problem with MS is that it includes many, many symptoms of which lots are shared with other diagnoses.

So either looking at the ‘average’ MS symptoms, googling or even asking us is a bit pointless. We might share symptoms, but that is likely to be irrelevant to your situation.

All I can suggest is that you write a list of your symptoms, together with dates, as far as you can remember. Include how long symptoms last(ed) and whether anything has either completely recovered or still lurking. A kind of timeline of all the issues that you think are related.

Take this list you your G.P. and see what they think. If they consider it appropriate, s/he could refer you to a neurologist, or other specialist. You can then take your list with you to the specialists appointment.

Best of luck.


Totally agree with Sue. Also can I ask when you post to separate paragraphs as i struggle to read block text. I do find if i edit a post that it reverts to block text which is so annoying on this system. Make a list though of the symptoms which are the most troublesome. I am surprised you were not diagnosed with fibromyalgia which seems to be the new disease in town. with your symptoms. Although I am fit and not overweight (size 8) I find my muscles seem to tire easily and ache. I know so many with fibro and they all say that they tire easily and their muscles ache. anyway trying to read your posts RLS take extra magnesium. Have you had blood tests as B12 can cause some of your symptoms too. but magnesium is great for RLS. But i agree with Sue a list but only of the most delibating and annoying symptoms. Good luck. 12 years is a long time to have suffered with CPD, and I applaud you too for sticking with your job. x

Hi, thanks for replying ladies. I had bloodtests done on friday so awaiting results, I think they are checking for inflammation/ arthritis and I remember the doc mentioning vitamin D. I just seem to be fobbed off a lot which is why I persued this time around because of how it is affecting my mental health and quality of life as I can rarely rest with ease. Agreed symptoms could be indicative of Fibromyalgia so this is something I will mention with a question mark when I go for my chat/examination on 13th May. Thankyou for your input,I think its the horrendous leg aches/burning through soles of feet and general unwellness that have me a bit tired out and irritated at the moment, I think 12 years warrants some kind of answer from the medical profession anyway. I am doing my best to soldier on through!! Kind regards- Gem

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