Looking for help to move forward with symptoms

4 years ago my journey started. I had problems with my back for years but I had a sudden episode with my back which left me unable to move for a few weeks. The doctor referred me to physio who asked a few more questions, then did some basic tests to evaluate me. My legs began trembling and became weak and my feet had either no reflex or limited. She decided it wasn’t safe to treat me and I was referred on to spinal surgeon. Things became worse and I found out I was pregnant. I would be walking along the my foot would stop working properly and I would start limping and dragging it or my leg would just buckle causing me to fall.

i was sent for a MRI when pregnant as my consultant was worried about the stress of childbirth on my back or how to treat me if I needed a section. I was already high risk due to anti bodies in my blood. It came back as having wear and tear, unusual for my age(27) but due to me having a disabled child understandable. After I had the baby I past my driving test a few months later and things seemed to improve significatly. I was sent for a neck MRI which came back clear and I was told at this appointment that my symptoms were to severe for the damage and I asked about ms as someone had already suggested it and she said she was already thinking them same although she could not see any signs on the MRI but thought I should be referred to a neurologist. At the time thing seemed better and my son had just been diagnosed with autism so I ignored it all.

now almost 4 years later things are back with a bang. It started with numbing of the last 3 toes on my right foot then, leg weakness, tremors, constant pain and cramping. I’m also getting headaches, random shooting pains up my neck, but the thing that’s annoying me most is pain at the joints of both shoulders, that’s totally new. I’ve also been feeling really low in mood and struggling with trying to be positive. I always worry that it’s all in my head. I was thinking of going to my gp tomorrow but I’m a bit worried about if they will take me serious after all this time.

thank you for reading

Dear Babz, what a rough ride you’ve had so far. It always makes me a bit sad when people worry about being taken seriously. You know your body and you know when you need help. Ask for it! If you don’t get the help you need, ask someone else. The best bit of advice I was given was to keep a symptom diary and folk on here elaborated on that, helping me to condensed it into a simple list of symptoms, when they started, how long for/ongoing and anything relevant I noticed (such as becoming worse with heat). You shouldn’t have to live in pain. Your priority as a parent is to take care of yourself so that you can be there for your kiddies (I’m a mum of one myself). Let us know how you get on xx

Thank you for taking the time to reply. It’s all a bit scary at the moment. I’m going to call the go tomorrow