Looking for a specific book, can anyone help please?

Good afternoon all,

Many many moon’s ago, before the forum changed, there was a huge debate surrounding a book that had been published. If my terrible memory serves me correctly it was titled, ‘caring for the piglet’ or ‘taking care of the piglets’. It was written by a chap that had been a carer for his wife. I have been trying to get hold of a copy for ages now, this is proving rather difficult as I can’t remember the title!

Is there any ‘golden oldies’ still around that remember what I am talking about? I am pretty sure I have not dreamt this up but…who knows!

Thank you

I remember it. It was something like ‘The Selfish Pig’s Guide to Caring’. Didn’t like it at all, but at that time I was the carer and was under a lot of stress.



You can get this book from amazon - lt is The Selfish Pigs book of Caring by Hugh Marriott.

l meant Selfish Pigs guide to caring!!