"Long term Treatment"

Ok, so with regards to "long term treatment" - Am I correct this is stuff like interferon and Copaxane and other stuff...

...are they ALL injected medication, or are any tablets??



Can't know for sure exactly what your neuro meant, but it seems most likely that's what's on the cards, yes.

I believe ALL the current standard firstline treatments are injectables (daily, alternate days or weekly), yes.

There is a relatively new tablet form of DMD, but this is not yet licensed for general use (and might never be, after several setbacks and prevarications).

There are also other, heavier-duty DMDs that can be administered in hospital, by infusion.  But these are not normally considered unless the standard firstline injectables have failed, or can't be tolerated or something.


Hi, I don`t use the meds you mention, but I am on long term others like amitriptyline and baclofen. I can`t do without them.

I daresay you`ll get answers about the others.

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