Long term sickness meeting

My son has recently been diagnosed and has been signed off work since his diagnosis in August. He is a pot wash in a hotel and his job is very physical, at the moment he wouldn’t even be able to walk to work, let alone do the job. He was earning 250-300 a week but now is just on SSP. We have applied for PIP but have heard nothing yet. We have a meeting with his work place tomorrow regarding his long term sickness, I’m just not sure what to expect. I am going to support my son as he is also autistic. I emailed HR to say my husband would be at the meeting as well and they have got all defensive saying that only one of us can be there to support our son and that it would usually be a union rep or colleague. They also want permission to contact doctor, is this usual? Any advice gratefully received, this is all new to us and it feel like adding insult to injury as my son and all of us are struggling to come to terms with our new reality :pensive:

I’ve been signed off-sick from work all this year, nearly.
I feel not yet able to return and my employer recently arranged for an Occupational Therapist (doctor) to assess my viability to continue, over the telephone.
I have been looking over my employment contract and it may be that it is terminated after a year’s sickness.
Hey-ho, I’ve always believed when one door closes, another one opens; health is wealth has always been my measure of success, anyhow.
Best wishes to your son,

Hi Sandra, I know that you’ve probably already had the meeting but in terms of way forward you might find it useful to give the MS Society helpline a call. The number is one the website and they do advise and help on employment issues.

Don’t forget that in addition to protection under employment laws your son also has some protection under disability laws ( MS is included as a disability).

Thank you for your reply, God knows what he will be able to do now. Guess I will just wait and see what they say in today’s meeting. I have to laugh at the lip service to ‘whatever we can do to support you at this time’. It’s a joke!