Long-Term Ocrevus

Hi Everyone,

I’m interested in hearing if anyone has been on Ocrevus for more than a couple of years. I’m about to have my third infusion and am feeling anxious about the long term effects of the drug. I had a neurology appointment this week and asked him and he just said people should stay on it until something better comes along.

Sometimes I just feel it’s such a new drug do we know what it will do to us in the long run?

Has anyone been on it for a few years?

Any replies gratefully received.


Zedefbe, are you on the Ocrevus facebook group? It’s a useful source of info. There are patients on there that are on infusion no. 20 and still raving about it. You would hope that in the next 9 years (18 more infusions) something better will have come along

That’s really interesting Oneinthree, thank you . I’m not on Facebook but maybe I should be . Great to know people are still feeling good that far down the line .
Thanks again . Hope you’re well.