long overdue blog

Please read/share it if you ge a few minutes spare

Sonia x

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hi sonia

it’s really good to see you back.

your blog is interesting but no mention of nine inch nails!

you have to be still listening to them.

carole x

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Hi, I`ve read your blog and would like to make a few comments on it.

1, wheelchair…have you asked for an assessment from wheelchair services? I think their main criteria is that you cant walk at all without aids, like FES etc…so that`s you

2, stem cell treatment abroad…that terrifies the hell out of me…I know folk do go and spend thousands on this, but what if it went wrong? I dont think you can get insurance for going abroad for surgery, can you? scary thought indeed. please correct me if I`m wrong about the insurance.

  1. keep smiling and saying yeh, Im fine thanks`…saying much more is tiresome and gets you down and can put someone else in an awkward spot. yeh, I do think of them as well as myself.

Good luck chuck.


Always Carole Downloaded new EP just last week! But clearly i’m a bt slow off the mark as my step-daughter asked her Dad if I was loving it as much as her lol

Sonia x

Thanks Polly,

No, not had an assessment yet but plan to speak to my rehab Doc about it when I see him next

No sure about the insurance part but going abroad for a risky procedure certainly makes the idea scarier! Even looking into it here is something I still know terrifies my Mum so UK is the only way I can go forward with so at least loved ones can at least be part of it, IF I’m lucky enough to be approved

Yes, I’ll probably always be smiling when I can and yes, I really don’t want to frighten anyone away

Sonia x