Long Johns

Hi Everyone, I’ve not got a diagnosis at all but all my symptoms point to MS. My Doctor doesn’t seem to be bothered at all and im sick to death of Hospitals, give been in and out for nearly 5 years.

My story is that i was on holiday in Lanzarote and had a massive heart attack, they didn’t think i would survive so they airlifted me by emergency air ambulance to the main cardiac hospital at Gran Canaria. I was in intensive care for two weeks then the cardiac ward for a week where i went into heart failure. my B12 and Vitimin D were next to nil and that’s seems to be what has caused my neurological problems.

has anybody heard of a heart attack causing this problem etc, also my walking is next to nothing also i have to wear Long Johns all the time because my legs are always freezing is this also linked to the B12 / Vit D etc

any information would be great

Thanks Ian

Hi Ian,

Firstly, I’m no expert and I’m still learning a lot. I’ve read that people with MS are slightly more likely to have heart problems, but then there’s a link between smoking and MS so maybe it’s a small group with unhealthier lifestyles? That’s not judging, I’m not the healthiest!

My dad has had two heart attacks and has MS. Possibly genetic? We were both diagnosed after having pins and needles, we were given contrast MRIs to check our veins. This showed up our lesions. I’d had a large number of MRIs to check for musculoskeletal issues, even a CT after frequent migraines but they showed nothing. The contrast MRI was my saviour!

Of course that doesn’t help if you GP isn’t listening. Hope you get an answer!

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my husband had COPD and low b12 and D, and i called him COMPO lol…hope that gets the picture. He lived in long johns was always freezing cold, we would have some arguments as he liked the heat and i hated it. i cant even wear PJ bottoms in bed as it makes my legs fizz and burn.

WOW you sure had a bad time. look up lupus.

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Hello Ian.

I have the freezing legs thing. Even in the summer, I’m sitting with a blanket on my lower half. I currently have heart problems but there is no family history of it. It just shows the complexity of the functioning human form.

Best wishes.