…Every time I see these people running for their lives, I cannot help thinking that I would not be able to do the same…## I am NOT a religious person…, I just try, as very very hard as it can be, to believe in ‘people’… If they are friendly, kind and sincere to me, I’ll be friendly, kind and sincere to them…## This canadian lady for example, who is one of the first mentioned victims killed in London, WAS that kind of person I believe in/ would have believed in, helping out unfortunate people in her own country…, going out to London for a break with her partner…

What a sad sad world we live in at times!## ##

I know!


I know you can’t imprison/entrap/segregate these 3000 suspects; that would be the worst thing you could do. You can tag them though and set a curfew on them; make their life as uncomfortable as hell; association is sufficient reason.


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I hope you don’t mean that the way it sounds. Guilt by association is the start of a slippery slope. It would have my mother marked as a Nazi sympathiser just because one of her uncles was in the SS. There has to be more than just association before you condemn someone. There has to be evidence of intent.


For a tag to be put on them? So we will let these bastards keep killing innocent; young lovely people in a totally perverse view of their religion.

We benefit from the vast majority of immigrants, but the vast minority are beyond evil.

It is a new form of terrorism; they think they will go to paradise if they kill in the most brutal way. We have had many arrests but many; not all have been set free.

Sorry but Saffie Roussos is worth a million of so-called innocent associates of these barbaric; I won’t even call them human beings being wrongly tagged.

What is your answer then?


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