London Marathon

Morning everybody. Watching the marathon this morning got me thinking. From reading different posts, it’s obvious that there’s a wealth of talent amongst us. How many of us have previously run this race, or any marathon? And what was your finish time? Not that it really matters - its all about the distance, not the time. I’ll kick it off - ran it in 2007 and 2009. Best time 4.39. Any sub 4s (or even sub 3s) out there? Al

I didn’t go in for the shorter distance, but did complete the London – Brighton (53 miles) in ten hours and something. Today I find it quite satisfying to reach my car, so while the distance has changed a fair bit, the sense of achievement is still there.

Of course, anyone completing a marathon has my utmost respect and it is a truly character building distance.

Readind these I feel a right twit, but the sense of achievement must be phenomenal. I have climbed Ben Nevis though…


Thankfully, it’s not a contest and climbing Ben Nevis sounds pretty tough to me. I hope it wasn’t too misty and you enjoyed some stunning views from the top.

I have just finished (watching) the marathon. does that count ?

Bothmyself and my sofa ar recovering’


Hi, I like neil`s rely!

Not done a marathon myself, but have completed 3 short charity runs…

on my scooter with little Lucy (toy poodle…yap!)on my knee.

Fab atmosphere and lots of cheers for us.

luv Pollx

Sounds really tough Neil. :slight_smile: I have done the London to Brighton two years ago before diagnosis and I am going to attempt it again this year but I feel that I am worse than I was two years ago. I did it in five and half hours but I am going to take it easier this time.

It’s a shame I can’t do it for the MSSociety.


I assume you had the advantage of being on a bike, which probably makes it a bit quicker. I wouldn’t fancy trying to cycle up Ditchling Beacon though.

Welshboy, why can’t you do it for the MS Society?

Wow, you ran whammel. That’s impressive. Ditchling Beacon is a beetch but still managed to do it. I only did two weeks training, so it was very hard. Doh. :slight_smile: Will be doing slightly more this time.

Hi Bouncy, It’s organised by BHF so you have to raise money for them. I was thinking of doing Mt Kilimanjaro for The MS Society but i am not sure I am up to it.


I ate a marathon in 2 minutes some years back , sadly they became snickers

Have done my fair share of Marathons - Eight all told.

Best time was 3 hours, 41 minutes - Wolverhampton Marathon 1998 and same again, (annoyingly) 30 seconds slower on the first Marathon of the Millenium 2000 (2nd Jan 2000), the year I did 5 marathons in the same year, of which 2 were sub four hours. The last of these I knew I had bust my knee in (Dublin) so did the last mile on my last Marathon in sub 7 minutes.

Have done London twice 1992 and 1996. Best time on this Marathon was 4 hours, 23 mins.

Countless Half Marathons, 10 miles, 10k and such. Still enter the occaisional 5k/4 mile races but not quite the same buzz.

I organised races now more. Relay race on Monday 6th May for charity (MS Society) if anyone is interested? Legs of 2 miles X 4 people. PM for details!

I am cycling the London to Brighton in September (a smaller event, only 2000-3000 cyclists) for The MS Society. I’m finding the training good exercise as it doesn’t make my rubbish calf muscles any worse, and the sore bum from the saddle takes my mind off all my other aches and pains!

Running Whammel, now that is impressive!

I’m afraid I’m not much of a runner Vince, but would be a motorbike marshall if needed