Liverpool Peeps

Hi Peeps

I am considering getting a SMARTI scooter and have had a good price from a shop in Liverpool - Youngs Mobility. As I’m down in S Wales, I was wondering if anyone who resides in Liverpool has used the shop and any feedback would be appreciated. Can’t find any shops close by and Monarch who is the main supplier, I find unhelpful and this is how I’ve ended up searching the Net and finding this very helpful man in Liverpool but just concerned about the distance. He didn;t seem to be bothered and said he would help all he could if there was a problem. Anyone shopped there?

Thanx x G

Can’t help you with Liverpool dealers (I am a Scouser but I left a long time ago) but I am aware of some very good dealers in South Wales who might be able to source that particular brand. Snowdrop in Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan are very good for all sorts of scooters and wheelchairs including very bespoke ones. I got my scooter from a small firm in Bridgend (Bridgend Wheelchair Hire) who were very good value and are great for all sorts of maintainence. There are lots of other very good suppliers in South Wales but lots are quite small so their Web coverage is quite poor.