Liver in bad shape, cannot receive 2nd course of Alemtuzumab

So after receiving my first course of Alemtuzumab I became a raging alcoholic (ploughing through 4 bottles o vino a day) - have now almost completely trashed me liver to the point were I cannot receive my 2nd course of Alemtuzumab (which I was meant to receive last April)

Feel like a complete idiot and low and behold, it seems as though the MS is coming back

I’m lucky enough not to have any severe problems that cause me any real disability (yet) apart from slightly reduced dexterity in the hands and legs

Not sure why I’m posting this but feel utterly ashamed and expect a torrent of abuse from all sides

anyone been in a similar situation?

Yes, I have. Not because of MS but many years ago I went through a period where I could make no sense of the world and had no control over my life. What we don’t understand, we endure. What we can’t endure we obliterate.


Hope you have got some help for the alcoholism. The liver is more likely to kill you than the MS. No judgement, simply a fact.

I am so sorry that life is so painful and difficult for you right now. No one plans for this sort of stuff to happen in a person’s life, but happen it does, and I am sorry that it has happened to you.


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No judgement at all…the fact you are posting means that you want to try and sort this out. See if you can get some help for the alcoholism, take it one day at a time. Everyone’s life brings different challenges and sometimes we don’t deal with them in the healthiest way for ourselves. Good luck.


Definitely no judgement. Having MS is enough to make anyone of us do the same. I’m so sorry that you’ve battered your liver so badly that you can’t have Lemtrada again.

I too hope you’ve managed to get help with your drinking. And I hope that your liver isn’t permanently damaged. The liver is a pretty wonderful organ. It can self heal from all kinds of bad treatment.

I’ve had hepatitis three times now, each time caused by a side effect from a different drug. And have been lucky that my liver has suffered no lasting damage. When it was scanned, I was also quite glad there was no sign of any alcohol related problems, since I’ve gone through several periods of time when I’ve drunk quite heavily, although not quite to the point of alcoholism.

It’s very much a case of ‘there but for the grace of (insert relevant deity or Richard Dawkins name here) go I’!

i wish you the best of luck finding a disease modifying drug that won’t be metabolised by the liver.


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