Little Red returns as LR2

Hello and happy Saturday my fellow PPMS friends,

Its Little Red (Polly) But I have changed to a new iPad and couldn’t get back into my original account! So I’m back as

Little Red2. I have so many friends here and have missed you so much but my iPad broke down, probably as well as me.

Ive been having a terrible time, but I’m now getting lots of help, and getting a new wheelchair which will help. I am currently away in a lovely hotel as its my birthday weekend. I am really hoping to catch up with my good friends soon.

Gentle and caring hugs

Polly xxxx

Hi Polly

Good to see you back, hope your feeling better, the wheelchair will be a great asset for you, and its just another tool to make life easier, that’s how I think about mine, in fact I would be in dire straits without it.

I hope you have a lovely weekend, especially as its your birthday, so Happy Birthday Polly.

Pam x

Thanks Pam! Yes the one I’ve got just now, is only good enough for use now and again, not for as often as I need it. So I’m looking forward to being more comfy.

Yes it’s cold but the hotel is lovely xxx

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Happy Birthday have a fabulous weekend.

Jan x

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Happy birthday Polly, enjoy your weekend.

Cath x

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Hi Polly and happy birthday!

Nice to see you back but sorry to see you’ve been having a bad time.

Pat xx

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Happy Birthday to Polly happy birthday to you etc etc. New iPad ehh I am envious.

Have a good time away XXX Don

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Hi Polly,

Nice to see you back but I’m sorry you’ve been having such a rotten time!

Belated Happy birthday, hope you had a lovely time,

Nina x

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