I can’t remember where this ‘phrase’ came from but it keeps ‘going through my head’ when my ‘movements’ are restricted by MS and I want to ‘move’ anywhere (or do anything). ‘It seems to help’ (but not always) the restrictions that MS ‘puts on my movements’ and ‘sometimes’ counteracts the restrictions that I have. (not always, (I’m 55) and I used to be quite ‘active’ - Long jogs (over 1 hour), martial arts (taekwon-do), swimming, Rugby, Hockey, yoga, walking (for miles) - generally ‘keep-fit’ but now I can either not move or can’t be bothered - (there’s only so much ‘Disney’ that I can sit and watch with my 8 yr old daughter). Summer is (hopefully) still to come and I don’t want to be ‘sitting’ indoors glued to the computer (as I am just now!) - What do you do? (to keep moving - although I’m seated just now (and I can’t be upright with support either from furniture or my ‘walking support’) ‘Long distance running’ is just a ‘memory’ now - I knew it would come (with old age) but 55 seems ‘a bit too soon’. SATURDAY MORNING RANT OVER’ - I HATE MS!

Little by little - bit by bit - l shall be singing this all day now - lts by the great and late Dusty Springfield -

Before your time l expect Marcus -


Thanks, Mel and ‘Campion’,

Good advice - I’ll try and follow it! The sun’s threatening to come out here. I do seem to ‘remember’ Dusty Springfield (Trusty Dusty - but that may be ‘made-up’).

Thanks for your extremely long message - and your words “(even typing this is fatiguing my hands something terrible)” - I know EXACTLY how you feel. I’m away to get my ‘lunch now’ but I’ll read your message again (later)

Marcus (with slightly sore fingers)

Hi Marcus

When the weather’s good, I go for a ride on my buggy to the park where I used to take my dog. I was very active too, especially long walks in the countryside, alas I cannot get to the path we used to walk up every day up until 4 years ago. For many of those years of walking and cycling I now realise I had MS but it was so mild that it didn’t stop me from being active. I have my MS work too I would go mad if I didn’t think I could do something with my time. We have exercise classes on Wednesdays. We can’t always do them but enjoy listening to the music. I have Kate bush on my MP3 player and also listen to radio 4. When all else fails I read a book. My last book was ‘The Help’ brilliant, which has now been made into a film. I find Linda La Plante books a very good way of escaping, anything with horrible crimes but a happy ending.

Take care



Hi Marcus, you have already had sone good advise, I find that a lot of “normal” jobs can be done sitting down, do you think you could cook, it is something I do sitting down, I also do all sorts of household/cleaning jobs sitting down, but maybe this isn’t for you! Gardening is a great idea, even just growing plants in container pots, you couldh do this seaed. Cheryl:)