Listen to us


I think there is an important message with regards to the forum - Why did you change it?

My complaints are as follows

  • Is a lot more clunky especially with regard to reading replies
  • Wht the grey background
  • OK you now have spell check
  • Why fix something that is not broken
  • I know that other people have found different problems

I do not think anyone has said these changes are a good idea. Please tell the person who designed the new system that sometimes it is a good idea to speak to the users, find out what they think needs changing and what could be enhanced. Ptototype it, I’m sure you must have a UAT environment and you can ask a few users to use it and give their opinion

I used to be a compute geek so I am talking from experience, 30 years of it, 12 in the banking environment

Is it too late to swallow your pride and go back to the old system?


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Well said Pat,but hubris is a small word with huge implications.Is it me and my neuron again but has the Profile facility gone? If it has then there’s another enormous over-reaction to privacy/confidentiality issues.I think there is a collective management fear that something horrid could happen to a user with somebody they met on here.The rot set in when the ‘Reply to the reply’ facility was removed when this new fangled ultra PC lawyer driven place stuttered into existence three years ago…The day the fun died


I’ve no idea what has gone but what is left for us to use is rotten


oh heck-my blooming eyes! i read that as ‘we are left to rot’

i havent a clue re computers so will leave to those that do, inc users of the boards…thanks