Lime juice experiment

Been putting lime juice on myself during the hot weather. It seems to keep flies & mosquitos away.

It also seems to work well with the coconut oil spray to revitalise poor skin areas. Been using it on my elbows, knees & ankles.

Anything to get circulation going & improve the immune system. I’d rather be a lab rat with natural ingredients, than going back to being a vegetable on medications for a problem with no cure. It makes way more sense to me.

Just had a banana & some olive oil too. Everything I’m trying, seems to have positive results.

Happy trails folks.

Terry (munching on walnuts)

I`ve got a better use for lime.

Great for you. I’m already treated like a drunk, for the constant falling. Giving people an excuse for their narrow minds doesn’t help. I’ll be getting weed offered as a cure MS next & invites to all night raves.

Perhaps running down the street with crap stained under pants on my head, causing a riot is a more exhilarating option.

Whatever floats your boat Scudger. I’m trying to find useful solutions & lime juice has many uses.

It tastes awesome on steak & fish too, for an acidic flavour to break fats down.

Party on dude.

I suffer the drunk and falling bit as well.

Image result for drunk surfer gif


Scudger, your a nutter!! ​ nearly peed myself laughing!

If I could run as well as that guy, I’d be locked up by the bull shite police. Any excuse is all some folks need.

I pee myself without laughing, there should be a coarse on taking the piddle. To make this forum cool for kids.

I just spent all my dosh on marsh mellows, so I’ll have to rob a bank to pay the gas bill. Legal robbery!