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I was hoping someone could help me!

In February 2015 tingling started in all finger tips. This was constant and was made worse when in the shower and washing my hair or doing dishes. Also when there was pressure on my hands. I noticed when working at the chip shop that my hands were slower at doing the work compared to what they used to be. I went to the doctors they thought carpel tunnel syndrome.

Next both hands started to tingle and up my arm. This was still constant. Numb sensation on stomach. Went back to the doctors and I had a blood test. Arms felt weak and tired.

Next I was in the shower when the tingling went all up my arm until I couldn’t move it I had to get out and lie down this lasted for a few minutes. This happened 2 more times. I went back to the doctors who organised an appointment with the neurologist.

I went to see the neurologist who organised me to go for an MRI scan. When I move my neck forwards it sent a shooting sensation down both arms.

Over the summer holidays my symptoms died down towards the end of august I started getting tingling in my legs when I was walking for long periods of time. The tingling in my hands was still there and I had back pain when in bed.

I went for an MRI scan at the beginning of September. Four days later i had my results. It showed a white patch on my spine and a white patch on my brain which the neurologist was concerned about. He explained it looks like CIS and talked about how treatment is a lot more advanced. He referred me to a MS specialist. my appointment is the 18th January.

the frustrating thing is that since seeing the neurologist I got a warm spot on my right thigh that kept coming and going like someone was pouring warm water on my leg. After a week of that happening the warm sensation turned to burning. it started in my thigh and then went right down my leg. the doctor rang the neurologist who prescribed steroids. During my time taking the steroids I had shooting pains in my legs and hips and my back pain got worse. I also was really tired and weak in my legs with the pains. I had blurred vision when driving and I got light headed at times. My skin had got really bad my face, back and chest is covered in spots. I went to the doctors and was put on the sick. I still have back pain and my legs are sore and weak. I was really tired and I still get burning in my leg. My skin was sore and angry looking. That weekend It hurt when I swallowed for 4 days. I then got an infected wisdom tooth. i went back to the doctors and the doctor gave me amitriptyline for the shooting pains. When I lie in bed it feels like thousands of ants are crawling on my legs/my nerves are vibrating.

sorry for the long post. I just wish my appointment was here to explain what i am going through. was the hands/arms tingling and shooting sensation down arms part of the CIS and the legs burning/aching/shooting pains a ‘relapse’ any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

I am sorry that you are having such a horrible time. It is good that it sounds as though your GP is on th ball, and got the neurologist on your case promptly.

May I suggest that you make a note of when strange symptoms come upon you - dates things started, whether or how they spread and changed etc? It is useful to do this at the time because such details are so hard to remember. Then you have a reliable record to give the neurologist.

It is hard work waiting for appointments that are a long way off, I know. If you run into trouble in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to talk to the GP again.

I’m guessing, but it is possible that the steroids have caused your skin to break out - I don’t think that is unusual. But never mind - that should pass and the steroids are powerful and effective drugs that do a valuable job. If you are still very spotty and it is making you miserable, talk to the GP about that too. You have enough on your plate without feeling despondent about your skin - that’s easier to fix than many things.


hi beck

just to comment on your skin condition.

back n 1998, when i was 40, i went to my gp with blotchy skin with tiny spots that looked as if they were about to break out.

he said, “well, you’re 40 now. it’s middle aged acne - rosacea”.

i was feeling offended when he told me there was a treatment but i could only have it once, if it didn’t work i’d be stuck with it.

i had the treatment (a short course of anti-biotics i think).

the blotches and spots went away and haven’t come back.

maybe you should ask your gp if it could possibly be rosacea.

good luck

carole x

Thank you both for your replies.

I have been back to the doctors and she has given me some tablets to help with my skin hope it works!

I have also started a list of symptoms and questions to take with me to my appointment which has been moved to the 4th January its 2 weeks closer than my original appointment.

Today i got another appointment letter from the hospital its for an appointment to see a specialist nurse in March. I am bit confused with this appointment. How can i have an appointment with a nurse when i have not seen the MS specialist yet i have only seen a general neurologist who has referred me to the specialist???

any light on this would be great!