Limbo Land.

Had the confirmation that I have MS last Saturday morning.

I got to see the lesions on my brain (about 3 of them), and my inflammed optic nerve.

I now have to give more blood samples than I have blood, my chest is to be Xray’d, and the base of my spine needs to go back into the MRI scanner.

I’m told an MS nurse will be in touch with me at some point and ‘condition modifiying’ medication will be the order of the day.

All that can wait till after Xmas though.

As ever I’m blogging the day-to-day here:


Sorry to hear about the diagnosis, but pleased that you’ve got some answers relatively painlessly. Check out the msdecisions website about DMDs (disease modifying drugs - I think this is what your neuro meant). It is a really good source of info. If you want to know more you can always ask on here or on Everyday Living. There is a fair bit of paperwork needed before the first batch of DMDs gets delivered (it can take 2-3 months!) so the sooner the nurse knows what one you want, the sooner you’ll actually get started. It can definitely wait till after Christmas though :slight_smile: Have a good one. Karen x

Ahoy Karen!

Thanks for the suggested links, they’re the kind of thing I really need.

I’m now going to shove an Xmas tree up a fairy’s bottom.



That’ll wipe the smug smile off her face!! :slight_smile:

I like your attitude to it all and hopefully that will last.

Nothing will happen quickly so enjoy Christmas and give yourself time for the dx to sink in.

Some basic housekeeping is that you must inform the can get the form off their website. You must also inform that you have made DVLA aware. They can not increase your premiums because of it.

Also check to see if you have critical illness as you can claim for MS.

As Karen has said check out msdecisions as it really will help to speed things up in the new year.

Have fun with your fairy and welcome aboard HMS MS.