Like to join a daily fun trivia quiz ??

Would you like to join in a daily 'just for fun' trivia quiz on line with other people from these forums? Its just 10 quiz questions a day and they're nothing to do with MS.!! Currently there are about 20 of us who play each day but we'd love to have more players - the more the merrier. If you think you may be interested just follow this link or ask me if you have any queries.

Hope to see you there

Jayne xx

it is really good fun especially of you are at the top lol.  Seriouysly though a wee bit of light entertainment and a good excuse to be on the computer for a change happy2all in the name of learning new nuggets of trivia- ok maybe going too far lol


Like Willie says, it is really good fun. I have the page saved to my favourites and visit it any days that I can. I love it - especially when I manage to get 10 out of 10 in the fastest time !!! We'd love more people to enjoy it too.

Jayne xx