Like, retrospectively?

Hey guys, I’ve been looking in every now and again but not saying much, until todayThe ‘like’ button I love it and retrospectivly? What a big word for a Saturday morning, I’d like/love a spell check button? I hope everyone has a good weekend M

I am paying attention now, please excuse my ignorance how do some ‘post’ have a heart? It appears on the front/frirst board of PPMS or any boardM

Hello M and lovely to see you darling. The heart next to a post shows it is a favourite… I think it happens when a post has 20 something responses. Of course it might not be a favourite… might be 20 something angry responses… lol… YES I wish there was a spell check… and I also wish they would make it so ipad users could use the smilies!!! Hope you a well M… always miss you when you are in quiet mode!!! But trust you are checking in anyway. Have a good weekend… Pat xxx :slight_smile: <3 (I know on Facebook that turns into a heart!) xxx


I am confused about this heart, does the poster put in on or does it happen automatically?

You can tell I am nit very good on computers lol

Pam x

Pam it happens automatically… I think it might be at 21 replies… something around that number… a little heart will appear. Pat xx :slight_smile:

Well Ii never, you learn something new everday, thanks Pat.

Pam x