Like a stone

I like to exercise now and again, keeping things going. A year or two ago I bought some kit, rower, exercise bike, something else good for hanging things on. Anyway, I used to be a good swimmer. How things have changed! I went for a dip not long ago and discovered that I was much better at drowning!

Ok, I’m nearly 50, and my brother (who’s 50) tells me any middle aged man who tries to compete with themselves when aged 20 will fare the same, ms or not.

Is anybody able to tell me otherwise?


Hi Mark,

Probably at least a grain of truth in your brother’s take on it.

Are you comparing with your 20-year-old self? If so, then yep, it can never come out favourable - not in terms of physical prowess, anyway.

You might be able to reflect on being a kinder and wiser person, though.

A couple of years ago, I had a reunion with folks in their 40s I hadn’t seen since their 20s. Everyone had improved! :wink: