Light headed - bit dizzy

Hi folks - I’m a bit light headed and slightly dizzy today - wonder should I pop a couple of pills for it?

HI Redman. Had this last week and lasted for four days. I didnt take anything but when I had it really bad before I was prescribed Stugeron. It is also used for travel sickness. Only you know if it is bad enough to contact your GP.



Thanks Mary - I actually went to the pharmacy to get tablets and the pharmacist took my blood pressure and its low - which is the reason for the light headedness !!


Take it easy Redman. Put your feet up and keep well hydrated…no getting up too quickly, sorry if I sound bossy, it’s the nurse in me I can’t help myself. You probably know all this anyway.

Take care xx

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Thanks Blossom - will do boss!

Hi this is my 1st post and I am hoping someone can tell me how they got a definite diagnosis for MS or that is not.

5 months ago I had a water infection and was on 2nd course of antibiotics when I felt unwell and suddenly started falling over and had wobbly vision. A few days after the 1st fall, I had a really bad pain around my eyes and fell over in the garden, I had to get my husband to help me up and went to bed for a couple of hours, when I woke up I couldn’t see anything out of my right eye. Terrified I went straight to my optician who told me that my eyes were ok that it was an issue in my brain and sent me straight to hospital to see a specialist.

They were fantastic and organised a brain scan which I had 2 days later. This showed lesions they suspect ms so they referred me to a neurologist who did not want them to treat me, I was sent for a lot of blood tests. All came back ok.

They saw me every week but after 3 weeks I started to lose vision in my left eye and had pain, shaking, weird sensations, bladder and bowel issues, my balance was so bad that work asked me to go home and wait till I was better. the eye specialist started treatment of steroids which slowly helped with my left eye but not my right eye.

I finally saw the neuro 6 weeks later, she did a quick exam, showed me the scan with 10 12 lesions, told me it was too soon to say what was wrong and that I was to have a spine MRI and lumber puncture. It took a month to get MRI and a further 2 months for the LP when my GP chased her. My GP thinks I have had this for sometime as I have had 3 or 4 strange things over last 5 years at different times.

She sent a letter to say the spine MRI was ok but the LP showed increased protein, double the highest limit and she would see me in 6 months. She also said the eyes were my only issue despite both my GP and the eye dept telling her how bad I was.

I had an appointment for today with the neuro, which she had obviously forgotten to cancel as she was suprised to see me. She was not interested in anything I said and kept looking at the clock.

She told me to accept my loss of vision, report it to the DVLA as I can no longer drive. To ignore all my other symptoms , wear flat shoes, cheer up and get on with my life and she will see me in 6 months. When I asked if it was or not ms she said she was not God and would repeat the MRI in 6 months and I should seek a 2nd opinion if I wanted!

Since I got home all I want to do is curl up and die! What would any of you do? I will be very grateful for any advice.

sorry for the long post


start a thread of ur own-this will prob get lost in amongst redmans replies.


ps welcome to the site and ur neuro sounds like a pillock!