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Life again

Don’t you just love it when Life gives you a good kicking.
I have had RRMS since 2012 (diagnosed)
Now my Mrs has had a severe Stroke.
So we both had to give up work (me to be her carer)
We are currently negotiating the benefits minefield for a second time (with a bit of success).
So, the moral of this story is…
Don’t let the buzzards grind you down.
I’m a stubborn old buzzard myself.
Another rant over, feeling much better.


this is exactly what i say both myself and my husband over the years were sick me with my MS and he had ongoing health issues. we worked as a well oiled team lol. No one knows what life is going to give us so you have to take the bull by the horns and just lives for each day like its the last.

I am so sorry to hear about your wife but you are obviously a good team and will get through this together. xxxxxxx

Hi Andrew.
Oh no! As if you dont already have enough to cope with…but y’now life does have a way of dealing tough and seemingly impossible situations…yet we do have to dig so deep to find a way to deal with it, that we amaze ourselves and find that extra ‘oooph’ and just do what we have to.

The alternative is to give up, lie down and let life run us down and down…I was in that self despair last year…at breaking point…so clueless about how to carry on…when I found my saviour…Jesus.

Not for everyone I know, but He saved my life.

Best wishes with the journey both of you.

flippin’ heck. No one needs a double whammy of the crappy stuff.
Being stubborn is mostly a good thing (when dealing with health issues) ranting is good too especially to people who have a closer understanding of the issues. Feeling sorry for yourself is also OK in small doses. Being kind to yourself is also a must and will enable you to be a considerate carer. Wishing you both all the best.

What a great attitude you have Andrew. I wish you and your wife all my love and best wishes.
Mary xx