Life after diagnosis

I just need to know how everyone copes after a diagnosis… I am struggling to accept the fact that this is what my ‘new’ life is like from now on. Xx

It takes time to come to terms with the diagnosis. Difficult, but you have to accept that things have changed now, and work out the best way of playing the crappy hand you’ve been dealt… it’s not the end of the world. Your ‘new’ life isn’t quite the same as your old life - you’ll have different things to worry about, and just give yourself a bit of time and space to come to terms with it. It’s still your life… maybe not the one you were expecting, but still yours!

Having a diagnoses is fine by me as it takes away the worry/uncertainty of wondering what it is. Life goes on as it did before with the added bonus of the worry being removed.

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Hi Kimmy

I agree with the comments above, I was just pleased to get a ‘label’ to put on my symptoms, other than that I had to keep telling people “I’m no more ill today than I was yesterday”, as I found other people reacted far quicker than me and mostly for the worst.

Limboland (prior to dx) is far worse than actually knowing what you’re dealing with. And nothing is set in stone, accept whatever help is offered either by your medical team or friends and family.

Finally I’d say keep off Doctor Google, stick with us instead, there’s always someone here to help as best we can.


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As others say, it does take time to assimilate this new information.

Sometimes the old me feels lost, but give yourself a break and dig deep…the old you is still there…with added interest!

Limbo is the pitts…I`ve lived with it from time to time, but doubt I will ever find out what is stopping me walking.

But I dont dwell on it too much.

Life is still for living and good times can be had.