letter from MS nurse

Hi gang, got a copy of the letter sent to my GP today, from MS appointment on 13th.

This is what is says;

Pauline attended my nurse led clinic on 13th April. She is still unsure regarding a diagnosis of HSP or PPMS.

Pauline was very keen to be referred  to Dr Lily at Leeds. This has been done.

I have reassured Pauline that if there is anything I can help her with, i am happy to do so eg physiotherapy, as she currently has a painful shoulder.

We have agreed to keep the Ocotber appointment in Halifax

yours etc..

So no I wait for an appointment to come.

I won`t hold me breath!!

luv Pollx

Hi Poll

Didn’t know you were a Pauline. I think Poll suits you better!

I hope your appointment arrives very soon!

Love Teresa xx

Ditto I went back and re read it as I didnt know who Pauline have you asked for physio input???


Hi Pollx,

Do they no who they are dealing with.

Get hold of Dr lily secetary and do what you are good at,nag,nag,nag.[in a good way]

Be a pest.

You know you want to.

Take Care pet,


Nag? Me? How very dare you!

luv Pollx

Hi Tree and Pip, yes, so now you know my Sunday name. I prefer Polly in.......Polly the Parrot.

They are chatterboxes too!

luv Pollx