After the last spell of quite sever symptoms ( difficulty maintaining body temp…too hot, twitchy muscles, foggy head, speech and word finding difficulties etc) I’m left feeling so tired ! I’ve no energy at all, so today looks like a day of relaxation, whether I like it or not. Does anybody find these days of imposed rest boring ? I do. I’d like to read, no mental energy to follow a story or retain facts. I draw a lot, but I know I haven’t the concentration. Anyone else having this today? X

hi beverley

i understand completely. lethargy should be my user name!

i also get the body temperature, twitchy muscles, foggy head and word finding difficulties.

let’s just call it being special!

i have a huge collection of art materials, the only thing missing is the will to use them.

hang on in there, this too will pass!

carole x

Thanks Carole, yeah it’s hard to remember it will pass when it’s going on isn’t it? I must remember to remind myself lol. Today has so far consisted of just about managing messages and another art site I use too, watching Judge Judy and now a film on in the background. That’s life in the fast lane eh? :wink: xx

Lethargy ?? …I can’t be bothered to formulate a reply