Let us be heard

Hi, Is anyone else going on the Remain march on Sat 19th October in London, Hyde Park to Parliament Sq ?

I’ll be there with my banner and my mobility scooter. If anyone from the Oxford area wants to go then I’m happy to give them a lift. I park in Hyde Park. The march starts at 12.00. I can do the return journey as well.


i’ll be there in spirit.

can just about manage to get to the local co-op so the thought of a march in london will make me take to my bed!

good luck, go and stick to them!

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In there in spirit too. All my heartfelt good wishes will go with you. I’m very sad that my demonstration days are now over. Sue

Erm, sorry to be dense, what is the March intending to achieve or affect?



I’m guessing its a Brexit rally to Remain in Europe ? As much as it’s great that people do attend these rallies, and I am a person who will shout out my opinion when it matters, sadly I dont feel these rallies will achieve much. But hey, I tip my hat to those that do attend.


Looked it up & found it’s a March to insist on yet another Referendum!

I don’t want to get into political stuff on our MS Society Forum. As I was under the belief I’d already made my Vote clear some time ago as did many others. What’s the point in democracy if it gets changed because of some schoolboy tactics, behaving similar to some spoiled kids; if the result isn’t what they wanted, they stop the game and take the ball home.


Democracy means being able to change your mind, although I do hope the Prime Minister sticks to his ditch digging commitment.

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Gosh, I’m losing facts as well as faculties. I assumed a result was exactly that, and such would be adhered to. Of course democracy means choices, my head feels under waterwater. What will be, will be, I’m just sick of the dithering and dirty tactics being used to the nth degree.

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In a democracy the result of a democratic vote has to be honoured and implemented.

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I think most of us are fed up with all the lies, regardless of which side we fall on.

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all i want is to never hear BREXIT again.

however the next generation may feel very disgruntled and fill the internet with it again.

so i’ll be tormented with it until my dying day!

therefore i may as well stick my penny’s worth in.

what the hell were people thinking voting leave?



‘t’was lies, lies and more lies.


one comment about Brexit and for me that will be it – the EU is changing - we don’t know what the EU will be like 5 years form now – (look out for Putin’s ‘puppet’ President Orban of Hungary.) Because of the uncertainty about which direction the EU will go I voted Leave.


Democracy means being able to change your mind.

Thats funny as there was recently a vote and BREXIT party had a landslide vote and got farage noted which is scary enough, so virtue of the fact so many people voted for BREXIT party it shows to me yes people may have changed their mind and want OUT.

The only people crying at the moment are the remainers.

we had a fair referendum whether or not we agree is a different matter but it was a fair one.

I just wish people would stop with scaremongering and let the powers that be work for the people.

another referendum is going to do nothing.

OK picture this. a new general election right.

LABOUR get voted in. does it mean that all the people who voted conservatives start marching and crying FOWL and have another vote. NO it would not happen.

we are ready to leave the EU, on the 31st i just wish people would get over it and support the decision made by the MAJORITY of the people in the EK as is their right in a democracy.

it seems it only works one way. I know more people wanting out now then in. Perhaps its actually back firing.

Let them march if they have nothing better to do with their time. I cant say i am for or against its my business. either way i would stand by the majority as i would in any election.


My sister in law had a beautiful home in spain. I meant beautiful. swimming pool the lot. I thought they were happy over there and even envied them.

Suddenly this is true way before BREXIT they decided to sell up and come home. I was shocked so was my husband. they finally sold their house it took several years again this was way before brexit. they said it was expensive to live there, too many rules, too many people running one small town too many taxes. They finally left and settled back in the UK bought a lovely home and a small one to rent to make money.

they never regretted their decision. they love it in the UK and thank god they were here as her husband was very ill and nearly died. she told me yes you get some medical in spain but you have to pay for things too you dont pay in the uk. I know my friend had to pay for her murana, and other things when she worked there.

I was talking to them the other day as they really are staunch leavers and they told me dont believe the papers as all their friends are happyily leaving spain as they too have been trying for a long time to sell homes and they are selling them and moving back to the UK all of them are leavers.

I was surprised really was as i thought they had a lovely life there. I am not lying this is the truth as it was told me. as i say i was shocked.

I have a lot of family in Italy. Italy wants out.

Its so expensive in Italy. It never used to be, but it is. I have always thought its going to be like a house of cards. Once one goes the rest will follow. the only cats fat are the ones who seem to be in power.

With an annual budget of over €129bn, the EU is an economic power in its own right

So, where does the money go? €118.4bn of it is spent inside the EU - the rest goes on aid and development outside the community. These are the official definitions - and what they really mean.

Administration Running the EU in each country
The EU as a global partner International aid, activities outside the EU
Citizenship, freedom, security and justice Asylum, education and culture
Preservation and management of natural resources Common agricultural policy, environment, fishing
Cohesion for growth and employment Helping poorer regions of Europe
Competitiveness for growth and employment Economic growth grants to small business, science and research

We pay

€13.8bn is the total raised from the UK. This includes money raised in duties within the UK and passed on to the EU. The UK receives a 25% fee of €850.6m for this. Within that…
€11.3bn is the UK’s national contribution, which is largely based on the size of our economy. It also includes other adjustments and €2.5bn from VAT
-€3.6bn in rebates negotiated by Margaret Thatcher in 1984, called the ‘UK correction’ in the official data. This is paid for by other EU member states. Mostly France, which pays €965.9bn towards our rebate

France wants us out they will be a lot better off if we leave.

13.8bn we pay to be ruled by a central government who spends a huge amount alone on administration, overseas aid and so on and so forth.

we already pay for overseas aid ourselves.

Our farmers are tied they cant grow unless they are told they can. they are coming out fighting now, and have been growing for several years, and actually i have bought more strawberries from the UK then anywhere else.

MAKES for interesting reading.

anyway let us eat cake.

what will be leave remain but like carole said for gods sake blooming well get on with it, enough is enough now lol. fed up of reading about it.

I told my husband in 2016 it will never happen he died in 2017, and its nearly 2020 now nuff said.

I come on here to get away from it, not read more about it lol.

i have come off facebook as i am sick of all the stuff about it.

i dont have t.v.

all i am worried about is FARAGE getting a hold in this country. thats more of a worry to me.

chill what will be will be.

we have survived a lot worse.


Cannot wait to get out. Cameron spent 8 million on a leaflet to every household telling us to stay in. That money could have been spent trying to find a cure for MS He is not trying to sell his book by slagging off is old friends. Watched the Liberal Democrats foolishly welcoming X Labour and Tory MPS who are now feeling cold on the outside and will lose their £70K salaries and expenses at the next election at Christmas You cannot trust any of them remaining MPs and France, Germany and Italy and all the other hangers on who are squandering our money.


The remainers have to much to lose, I wish the house of commons would stop acting like small little children, and do what the people want. That is to get out of Europe


PS I am a child of the 70s and just about remember old money, most people then didn’t want in.


This was a Democratic Vote , the Majority voted ro Leave.

its not the best of Three.


There is a lot of hatred about this Bexit and it is coming to civil war with riot police on hand. If you are going to this rally it may turn violent because rent a mob may turn up and nice people will get hurt. Stay at home or go out for lunch and enjoy yourself