Let down

Hi all I have rrms since 2019 started ocenvus treatment in July and nothing has improved I’m struggling so much with symptoms and pains so I called my ms nurse only to be told pains I’m getting aren’t ms related my gp says they are I’m having trouble with my vision and pains in eyes eye clinic gave me eye drops but no pain relief gp won’t give me pain relief as he says it’s ms my ms team says it not so they won’t give me any thing I’m at a loss and don’t no what to do next pains are sharp stabbing in my eyes back left leg :cry: what do I do x

Hello Di

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Have you spoken to your neurologist? If the MS nurse and the GP are each passing the buck, it sounds very much as though you need the neurologist to make the decision.

The decision I’m thinking is a) pain relief, and b) whether Ocrevus is working for you.

You could try phoning your neurologists secretary and ask for help. Perhaps s/he could arrange for a phone appointment with the neurologist?


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