Lemtrada U.K. Facebook page


does anyone know anything about the Facebook page for lemtrada? The U.K. one. I requested to join it ages ago and nothing’s happening.

thank you xx


No I know nothing about Lemtrada, but have you tried asking on the forum? Lots of people on there are on Lemtrada, so someone’s bound to know.


Hi Hayley

I read this last night and as I’m considering starting Lemtrada soon I thought I’d take a look at the Lemtrada facebook page.

As it’s a closed group I thought I’d join. I got a message back half an hour later asking me to confirm a couple of details which I did and then I was added a few minutes later. So less than an hour start to finish and on a late Saturday evening too.

Maybe try joining again?

Thanks guys! I will cancel my join request and send another…

Check your spam folder - that’s where my message went but I found it the next day x

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I still haven’t had a msg - I don’t understand why not!