Lemtrada Reaction

I recently had my second round off Lemtrada. My 1st year things went smoothly; besides the common reactions. This year was different. It had been a month and I am still recovering from an anaphylactic reaction. Really almost took me down. Every time the injection was turned on my throat would swell and I would have extreme shortness of breath. Of course I had the usual hives, bumps, and redness of skin. To over come this effect I was given additional steroids and IV benadryl along with the usual pre treatment. That 1st day was real scary though. The second day went smoothly as long as they gave me the extra. The third day things went south. I started having difficulty swallowing when I got home and started violently coughing up blood. I went to the ER and had a Chest X-ray and they told me I was having an anaphylactic reaction along with pneumonitis. They gave me steroids and antihistamines and admitted me to the hospital. After three days of non stop steroids and benadryl I was released. Of course time I got home I was swelling again but fortunately the pneumonitis was gone. It has been around a month since this began and I am still reacting. I have been to the ER twice, urgent care, and to my neurologist multiple times. As soon as I would come of steroids the throat starts to tighten up, I get short of breath, and start to loose my voice. I also developed angio edema. The bad thing is now I have external swelling from the prednisone steroid also. I am slowly coming off of it but am still reacting to the Lemtrada. I am on multiple drugs just to fight this horrible reaction. Too many ups and downs from antihistamines and the steroids. Im thankful to be alive but ready to get back to normal life. 33 years old and I thought that I was not going to make it through. Thankfully I am swelling less each day and taking less steroids as well. People criticise me for having such a treatment, but most people don’t react like I did. ER doctors really like to do that I’ve noticed. Since the 1st year of Lemtrada I had only benefits. Less lesions, improved cognitive skills, no seizures, and just better living. Believe me this time it was scary but I believe I am coming out of the rough part. I am thankful to be alive and the benefit out weighed the risk. Has anyone heard of having such a long reaction? I was told that Lemtrada could stay in my system over a month and it has a long half-life.