Lemtrada and Listeria

Hi All

I don’t post often, but I read all the time!

I took my final Gilenya tablet last Sunday and have begun the scary wash out period pre-Lamtrada, I have just 7 weeks and 2 courses of steroids to go and will hopefully begin round 1.

Those of you who have had Lemtrada, in regards to the Listeria diet, did you stay away from take aways? My diet sheet says to ensure all food is washed/heated up correctly which of course you cant ensure with a take away. Also, luncheon meats - does that include ham?

I have asked on a lemtrada specific page also.

Thanks x

I think you might be wise to avoid the foods you mention - just to be sure.

Have a look here - there will be loads of relevant comment Facebook Groups

Best wishes for your treatment