Legs wont work

I had trouble getting out the car last night but today my legs have been miss behaving when I woke they were throbbing even though I had fan on all night. They seemed as if they had their own heart beat plus shards of steel stuffed into them for good measure. Now they won’t work properly about twenty baby steps to turn round. I am putting it down to the heat but stopped taking the tizanidine yesterday morning and maybe that’s working out of my system and the old pins are objecting? Who knows I don’t nor do I care. Seeing a Nuro next week I’ll see what he says. DON

Hope things will be better in the morning Don. Nina x

Don that sounds awful, I hope things improve and hopefully it’s caused by something silly like the vibration in the car messing up nerve signals. I can always tell if I’ve had a long journey. Good luck with your appointment, let us know how you get on.

Cath xx

Hi Don, sorry that you are having problems, could you have overdone it, of have an infection brewing, hope not.

I have just had a lovely few days by the sea, and am now paying the price, but b****r it, it was so worth it.

Good luck with your appointment, let us know how it goes.

Pam x