Legs that give wayh


When my legs have given way they start by becoming very heavy like leg and then all strength goes. What I am concerned about is that my weakness seems to include my trunk as well. Does anyone else experience this feeling. It’s not a matter of my knee giving way.

Thanks christine

Hi Christine,

The nerves that connect muscles in the trunk come from the same area of the spinal cord as the nerves that connect to your legs, so disruption of the nerve signals to the leg may also affect the trunk.

Exercise can help to strengthen both the trunk and legs. Can you ask your GP for a referral to a physiotherapist?

I had the same problem and found that exercises I was given for core strength were a great help.

Best wishes,


Thanks Anthony that makes sense. The first time it happened I was in such a panic. I was walking in a shop and felt weak but not faint like, minutes later I went down and if my legs go now it’s still the same with weakness higher up as well. But it’s less scary now as I have my diagnosis.

Thanks christine

Do you have sticks? I go everywhere with at least one, sometimes two if I am feeling heavy everywhere as this is when I fall over and end up with my knickers facing the sky and my head in the front garden.

I also have an excellent foot/ankle/lower leg support that straps up and stays on all day. Not exactly a fashion item but on my worst days, I wear this and it eases the heaviness. The hospital physio provided it after much measuring and questioning.

Hi, sorry for the delay in responding. I’m feeling terrible due to a Crohn’s flare. Yes I do have a stick but I hate it,it helps when off balance a little but not so much with lower body giving way.