Legs giving out?

Hi all,

Just wanted to know if anyone suffers from their legs giving out or “Constant bowing” as my OH calls it :roll: I have been suffering from it for a while now but it seems to be getting worse, I’m pregnant so have discussed it with my Midwife who just said wear trousers so I don’t scrape my knees and be careful when I do fall not to land on the baby bump?

I wondered where I shoudl go next for advice GP or Neuro? Also legs have random bouts of wanting to jump all over the place could it be linked?


Becksie xx

I don’t use a frame, I was advised to use a stick but I try to do very short journeys and try not to use it too much. I don’t take anything for the jumping, thought it was just a trapped nerve or something?

This is one of my problems, but it is well controlled with baclofen and pregabalin so that it doesn’t happen nearly as much as it used to. I also have the jerky legs thing too - so I guess the two are probably related.

I assume you can’t take baclofen and pregabalin? If not, then the best bet is to use a stick or maybe two. Mine has saved me from umpteen falls - there’s not always something handy to grab onto when my knees decide to “go”.

Karen x

Hi Becksie

As others have said, Baclofen is a good drug for spasms. However you’d need to get it checked as to whether or not it’s safe during pregnancy/breast feeding.

As for your legs giving out, it could really help to have some physiotherapy from someone who specialises in neurological conditions. I’ve had it several times over the years and it always helps improve my balance & walking, and builds up my leg strength. If there isn’t one available, trying a Pilates class could do the job - most of the exercises I’ve been given by the physio are based on Pilates. Just remember to take it at your own pace, take lots of little breaks and skip any exercises that are too difficult.


Talk to your ms nurse, I talked to mine a fair amount whilst pregnant. They can advise you what to do and they will respond quickly because your pregnant.

Use the stick! I was recently advised to use one even indoors - It’s nice (once you overcome the humiliation) to not have to deal with the falls/scars on face/lumps and bumps from falling

I agree with others who have suggested using a stick (or two.) Good way of keeping yourself safe with no side effects (except not landing on the floor so often!)

Good luck