Leg weakness

Hi, for the last 2 days my leg has felt weak and heavy as far ive had a brick tied to it, leg shaking like mad when I press the clutch in my car, I feel as if I’m constantly gonna fall, is there anything I can do to combat it etc ?

If you have Relapsing/Remitting MS and are having a relapse, then a blast of steroids might cool things down and speed recovery. I suggest you call whoever you call when you are relapsing (MS nurse?) and take it from there. Are you on a DMD to try to limit your relapses? If not, you might want to discuss your options if your MS is getting a bit more active. If you are on one, maybe you need a meds review to consider whether it is up to the job or whether you need something stronger to keep your MS at bay.

If these things are going to happen, it always seems to be on a holiday weekend, doesn’t it?


Alison has given sound advice. I would add to that though. If your leg is too shaky to control the clutch, stop driving. It’s dangerous. It doesn’t mean stop driving forever, just while you have this problem. I once had my foot fall off the clutch as I was stopped at traffic lights (stupidly without a brake on!) and I went shooting across the opposite lane. Luckily nothing was coming for me to cause a direct collision, but that was just lucky.

If your left leg continues to be a bit iffy, consider changing to an automatic in the long term. Much safer. Plus, if the worst happens and you have to consider changing to hand controls, it’s possible with an automatic, not with a manual.


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Try drinking milk or try making some routine exercise.

I would als say DONT drive when your this bad. You’ll be a danger to yourself and others.