Leg strenthening exercises that are 'easy' and 'safe'??

Just collapsed in front of my son! I got straight up and laughed it off but it made me sad because he also got up and helped me tidy up when he was happy on his computer. I have thought about exercises but don’t want to put any extra strain on myself by doing the wrong thing but this has given me a push. Any recommendations?

Mr Motivator believe it or not. He is brilliant


Rule no 1. If it’s ‘easy’ it is not doing you any good.

Could you have a chat with your GP about seeing a physiotherapist? They would target your weak spots.



Not heard of Mr motivator for years!!! Will have a nosy. And not spoke to my gp much. I don’t want to keep going in with my problems. I feel daft with some of my complaints because my main doctor has a bit of a ‘man up’ attitude. I have a new doctor who I see but it’s pot luck if they are available. I was there 3 weeks ago with a really sore shoulder/arm and ended up being injected with something. I asked what it was, and he laughed :confused: so still don’t know for sure what it was.