Leg Pain from Inactivity - Exercise Advice


Due to various transport issues and now the bad weather I have been working from home for most days for just over a month.

As a result (I believe) I am suffering from increasing burning tingling leg pain which is quite bad now, I assume due to inactivity.

I can’t walk properly (this is not ‘new’) so how should I recondition my legs? I have an exercise bike and have just done a few minutes on that. Should I continue with this? Anything else i can do?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Scrums, when my legs get bad , I call the pain “ants” who wear either slippers, stilettos, hobnail boots with spikes or on a really bad day the ants are evilly running around waving red hot pokers as well! I massage them with cream, apparently the massage is known to help. At the moment my legs smell delightfully of coconuts and the ants don’t like it!

With me it’s either laugh or cry and I prefer to laugh!!