Leg and/or head

Hi everyone, Me being a nuisance again! Just wondering if any of you are suffering similar symptoms to me…they are two quite new ones but have become very problematic quite quickly.

Firstly, my right leg- it often feels very heavy (but I am unable to lift either of my legs now) but my right leg has become almost unbearably painful and swells up. When I was in hospital they checked me for a blod clot and this was clear but this leg is very noticabely swollen virtually all the time now and it is sometimes so painful I can’t even lie on that side…anyone had similar?

Secondly, for the last month or so, I keep getting really nasty and sudden pressure feelings in my head. I can’t say they are painful as such but they are very, very uncomfortable and can lead to a painful headache. It feels like someone is virtually squeezing my brain. Can anyone relate to these feelings cos they r pretty scary and are becoming more frequent.

Thank u for reading, hope to hear from some of u soon,

Love always x

Hi LilZed, regarding your right leg, feeling a ‘heavy’ feeling in a limb, MS can cause that feeling, but the swelling in the leg would not be a usual MS symptom. I’m assuming you can see it is swollen? My legs and feet sometimes feel swollen but to look at they a perfectly normal.

So no, I would say swelling is not considered an MS symptom (but please people disagree with me if I’m wrong on this!).

The feeling of pressure in the head could possibly be migraine. Some people do get MS-related migraine, but of course many people without MS get migraine.

Have you been to GP with both of these symptoms? If not, I think you should get along to the surgery.

Must be very scary for you and I hope you get some answers very soon.

Pat x