Left occipital lobe lesion?

I have a left occipital lobe lesion according to my latest MRI scan can anyone tell me if this is the cause of my eye starting to become misty with a noticeable colour difference in the vision of both eyes and if this is the case will it improve or am I stuck with it?

Many thanks for any help and or advice.

Hiya darlin,

No you’re not necessarily stuck with it; may get completely better. See (no pun intended) optic neuritis - multiple sclerosis encyclopaedia

Yes it is something that will affect your vision. See Rizzo’s excellent

Purchase a copy of your MRI; always handy for comparison with later ones; about £10. Now were in the realms of RansomWare; they have bee known to lose their copy.

Good luck


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Thank you so much George that info is very reassuring. I will give my GP a shout tomorrow and ask about some steroids.